Which is a better choice: Electric vs Glass Dab Rigs

Nowadays, the advent of innovation and technology has introduced us to a lot of automated and electric-powered devices that can perform functions as their traditional counterparts are intended. Vapes have paved the way to e-cigarettes, vibrators have replaced dildos, and so e-rigs have become a thing that has replaced the widely used glass dab rigs.

This article discusses how these two would differ from each other, and to help guide you choose which one’s the best for you.

The commonly used Glass Dab Rigs

Dab counterpart to bong, most users prefer this due to the feel and how easily customizable these are. They come in different designs, shapes, and other eye-catching designs that you can attach to your rig. If you are open to your friends or family about your dabbing vices, then glass dab rigs are for you. With how visually appealing these can be, you can place them in a display glass and showcase them to your dabbing group, friends, or visitors. Glass dab rigs also produce a natural flavor of concentrate but takes a bit of practice and know-how to operate.

The trendy easily operable E-rigs

The electronic counterparts to the traditional dab rigs allow users to regulate temperatures, with little to no requirement of prior knowledge to learn how to operate it. These e-rigs are designed to be quick, easy, and convenient for users who want to get head on a whim. Heating is automated, so you wouldn’t need skill nor practice heating your dab, nor would you need an ignition source. All you need is to configure the settings, which you can change manually at any point while smoking joint. E-rigs are extremely helpful if you want to smoke extremely concentrated puffs of dab.

Comparison: The Good, The Bad, and the Fine Line in Between

If you’re into classic puffs, then glass dab rigs are for you. Not only are they wallet-friendly, who knows they might be considered antiques in the future if you’re willing to get yourself one as a keepsake. In hindsight, if you feel like you don’t want to be bothered learning how to use a glass dab rig, might as well purchase an e-rig since it offers a wider range of control, with a simple adjustment to the settings, for you to change the experience. However, e-rigs require high maintenance such as regular coil replacements, having to constantly remind yourself to recharge your e-rigs, and if you’re planning to get yourself one, might as well invest in high quality ones which are costly. More often than not, cheap ones usually don’t work and if they do, they don’t usually last.

The best of both worlds

If you haven’t even set a foot into the world of getting stoned with dab rigs, I suggest you try either first and see what’s best for you. Normally, one would insist that you should choose one over the other, but experience tells us that it’s more of a personal preference rather than their overall comparison. For me, I keep a collection of both. Sometimes I enjoy playing with fire and the satisfaction of being able to successfully reach the certain kind of flavor that I’m aiming for with glass dab rigs, sometimes I just want a quick joint and do it with e-rigs. It all boils down to you and your convenience. You don’t really have to think hard for it, just get what feels like the best thing you can get for yourself.

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