Questions To Ask A Kitchen Cleaner

For kitchen cleaning, may it be for kitchen exhaust cleaning, or more thorough cleaning, making sure that you are hiring the right right professional is a must. Sure, you would not want to end up working on a dirty kitchen just because the cleaners you thought can clean your kitchen as you expected did not execute accordingly.

There are many ways to spot on the best kitchen cleaner to hire, and one of the easiest yet the most effective is asking questions. The more questions you ask, the closer you can get from hiring the best professionals there is.

To help you get started, here are some of the questions you can start with:

  • How much do you charge?

This without a doubt one of the first questions to ask a kitchen cleaner. How much do you charge? Most of the time though, the rate is influenced by many factors such as your location, the size of the kitchen, the kitchenwares and appliances to clean, and so forth. Hence, it is your responsibility to provide them with the right information they need to quote you properly.

Sure, as someone who owns a business, expenses are very important, especially that any expense that will come out of your business bank account must be used properly and for your business improvement and welfare.

You also have to consider not just the price of their service but also the kind and quality of service they offer. Do not assume that more expensive services are better than cheaper ones and vice versa.

  • Other services you offer?

Apart from cleaning, what other services do they offer? Do they offer goat repairs? Do they sell kitchenwares and appliances? A kitchen cleaner that provides any service related to kitchen is a good choice. Sure, a one stop shop where you can find everything you need is what you have to consider if you want to enjoy convenience and easily build a good partnership with them.

Most of the time though, these information are available on their website, hence scanning through it is enough.

  • Warranty included on your cleaning?

What is the warranty included on your cleaning? Is the warranty enough to cover any future problems? Of course, not all cleaning companies offer warranty, but needless to say, hiring those who do is a good idea.

If the cleaning company offers warranty of service, asking the scope of the warranty is a good idea. Sure, you would not like to work with anyone who cannot guarantee the service they performed.

  • Time required to finish the cleaning?

How long do they need to finish the job? This you ask not to rush them when cleaning your kitchen, as that is definitely not a good idea. You are asking this question to set your expectations and to plan ahead.

  • Your operation hours

What time can they render the cleaning service? Are they open on times you are available? Flexibility of their schedule is very important as well.

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