Poker is the most talked about card or betting game in the world, but there are a lot of things that people don’t know about the game. The audience associated with the game is the biggest it has ever been, and it is continuously growing because of the introduction of poker online. People in the remotest areas of the world who didn’t have access to casinos or places where they could play proper poker can now access the game anywhere. Poker these days is properly regulated, and a lot of technology is being invested to make the game better and safer for the people to play. The rules are also becoming more uniform. People who are passionate about the game can even make money playing the game either through betting or participating in tournaments.


Poker many people believe is a fairly old game, but some forms of poker can be traced as far back as the 10th century. the first form of the game is debated in terms of its origins, some people believe the game to have originated in China while some people think it to be Persia. But the credit of making the game famous in the US and all over the world has to be given to Hollywood.


Surprisingly poker did not originate from playing cards, although ironically it is played with it now in all parts of the world. The first form of poker was played with dominos. And another fact is that the early forms of poker which were played with cards only had about 20 cards in the deck, the current form of the deck of cards only came about in the 18th century. This was done to accommodate more players.


Most of the players around the world play poker for fun and usually not with serious money. But playing for fun was taken to another world in 2012 when the first $1 Million-dollar game was suggested the CEO of Cirque Du Soleil, Guy Laliberte. When this was announced most people thought that no one would agree to the huge buy in but surprisingly 48 people agreed to play this high-stake game. The winner of the game took home a little excess of $18 Million dollars.


Have you ever felt tired after playing the game for more than a couple of hours, this number will truly surprise you. One game hosted by the Bird Cage Theatre in Arizona lasted not for just hours or days, it lasted for about 8 years and 5 months. Imagine playing one single game for better half of a decade. The game had a buy in of $1000 but that was in 1881 so the value of those $1000 was much more.


The largest game was played as poker online and it had about 225,000 players with a $1 buy in and prize of $25000.

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