How to earn Instagram likes by going viral

Meaning of going viral

Going viral refers to a rapid spread of specific video content, images, photos and news on various social media platforms within a short period. The content can gain popularity since almost all public social media sites have it, attracting more views worldwide. Creating viral content is often used by marketing agencies and brands to promote their consumers’ services and products. It is an easy way to get more likes on Instagram as compared to buying Instagram likes. For your content to go viral, it has quality video content, up-to-date and is relevant. The content should elicit a sense of engagement and professionalism to your audience.

How to go viral on Instagram

Start an Instagram Marketing Campaign – Innovate your own Instagram marketing campaign by selecting a team of experts who will help promote your brand over a broad public context. Ensure you have set sufficient funds, time and effort to make it an effective strategy.

Be on-trend – Keep yourself updated with current trending news in the world. Relate your content to certain events that catch everybody’s attention. Keep your posts short, relevant and easy to attract more views.

Engage more with influencers – Most influencers have a large crowd that follows their posts, engage them by commenting and liking their posts. Utilize them and give them attention because your loyalty can win them, and they can help promote your brand by advertising it on their social platforms.

Know your audience – Identifying your audience will help at creating content that is relevant and engaging. It will also help you establish a good relationship, thus attract more viewers to like and follow your page.

Identify peak hours – Be on the lookout and exploit posting when people tend to be off from their work. During this hour, most individuals are busy viewing what posting took place when they were offline. Posting while almost everybody is online increases the rate of engagement in your posts.

Create great content – Ensure that your content attracts people to comment and share on their timelines. It increases engagement, which can get you earning on Instagram.

Exploit captions – It is an excellent way of adding to your post; the captions should be relevant and short to the point. They should elicit how you want your viewers to respond to your posts, thus enhance engagement.

Maintain consistency – Post regularly and on time, create relevant, engaging and timely content that gives your viewers something to talk about and discuss. The content should be generating to suit your audience’s needs and interests.

How to find viral content

Research on other social platforms – To keep trending, you have to find out what content relevant to your target audience shares most on other social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and others.

Examine your feed – Going through your feed will provide you with an analysis of what appeals to your audience. It will help identify your strengths and enhance them to create great content.

Use Instagram Analytics – It will help identify which content works best according to how your viewers have liked, commented and followed.

Explore tools that can help you go viral, such as

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