How The Shoulder Holster Defends Your Gun?

Online shopping is popular among people because you can get quality material from anywhere across the world. If you are a gun lover and you want to protect it for a long time, then buy a shoulder holster from the Kirkpatrick Company. You can choose the color and leather material of your choice and as each of these products is customized, you will get a high-quality product at a competitive rate.                  

The best place to buy a shoulder holster

If you want to get a long-lasting and stylish shoulder holster, Kirkpatrick is the best company that you can trust. Here, every product is customized and made with skilled artists. The most demanding model they make is the detective carry model. It comes with a soft leather harness which is a simple and minimalist design. Each model will appeal to you because Kirkpatrick uses 8-ounce cowhide leather for holsters. If you use any small shooting weapons, you can take the holster vertically.

So, if you want to get a high-quality holster, be sure to visit the Kirkpatrick website because every holster here is custom-made, comfortable, secure, and functional. 

Advantage of shoulder holster

The most essential part of any gun holster is timing. If you can get a gun or a pistol out of a holster at the right time and make a shot, that’s your big success.

The shoulder holster is user-friendly because it is easy to get the gun out of the shoulder wherever you carry it. If you go out with a small pistol, there is no alternative to the shoulder holster, so you can use it effortlessly while driving. If your right hand is strong, you will hang the holster on the left, and it will be easier for you to pull out the gun whenever you need to unzip.

When going out with a shoulder holster, you need to look at the outfit. For example, wearing a slim-fit dress is ideal when you go out. However, in winter, you can carry a leather jacket with a holster hanging over it is not a problem. 

How to design a shoulder holster?

Kirkpatrick’s designers first cut the finest part of the leather. They then dye the product by hand to bring out a rich color. The most lucrative part is the stitch because the whole cover is sewn with seven cord bonded nylon threads. Each cover is made glossy and fashionable through hand molding and hand burnishing which will be liked by anyone at a glance.

The edges of the gun cover have a finishing so that moisture does not get into it in any way. At the very end, the outer part is burnished with the finest coating materials so that the cover stays intact year after year. Even if you change the gun one day, the shoulder holster will still be good. 


Firearms should be covered with leather material to keep them good for a long time. Many famous companies are making holsters of different styles with the help of modern technology. They have updated the design over time, but they are also durable.

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