Get To Know the Popular Terms Used in Casinos: From Blackjack to Betting

Casinos have a language all their own. Words like “dice,” “roulette,” and “slot machines” are common in casinos, but what about other terms? Here we will discuss six popular casino terms that you might not know.

Popular terms and phrases used in Casinos:

  1. Shoe: A shoe is a container for the balls used in roulette or blackjack. The name comes from the fact that it resembles an old-fashioned woman’s shoe with its long pointed toe and heel.
  1. Dice: In many casinos, dice are thrown by craps or Sic Bo players to decide which bets will win or lose on any given roll of the dice.
  1. Chip Rack: A chip rack is located at every casino table and keeps the chips organized during play. It is typically located next to and below the dealer’s table, positioned to be reached by both players situated on either side of the table.
  1. I’m all in: To be “all in” means a gambler has wagered their entire stack of chips on one hand and thus can’t afford to lose any more money by playing additional hands. This term comes from poker, where it refers to betting everything you have left at your disposal during that particular round with a single bet for each hand (hence being “in”) rather than just folding your cards after winning rounds as many gamblers do.
  1. The pot is over $____: The amount of money that players have invested into a particular pot in poker can be expressed as being above certain thresholds; for example, you might say your opponent put “$200 into the pot”, meaning his wager was worth 200 times what it cost him to play that round ($100). In casino games like blackjack, there are progressive bets that can be bigger than $1000.

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